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Border Collie


Doberman sitting by the fireplace.


71 lbs

(The Big Beef)

Nova was 13 months old when she started on the Karnevore Mountain diet.  She's a very healthy and energetic dog, but was prone to vomiting and diarrhea due to her very sensitive stomach.  She was placed on Karnevore Mountain to improve her stools and overall health.

Nova loves the food much more than kibble.  She cries and jumps around for joy before every meal during preparation.  Her stools have darkened and solidified (thank god!)  Nova was having very watery stools everyday when she was having kibble.  She is definitely shedding less hair by about 50%!  I notice this because she sleeps in my bed with me.  MUCH more energy and overall happier/bouncier. Definitely a more relaxed stomach during chill time. 

White bulldog


American Bulldog

12 yrs old

(Hypoallergenic Diet)

Her starting weight was 110 lbs. and 4 weeks into the Hypoallergenic Diet, she’s at
102 lbs. Bella was always having ear infections and suffered tremendously from arthritis.

I was spending thousands of dollars every few months on vet bills and medicine but
after four weeks on this program, she’s lost a lot of inflammatory weight, and she hasn’t had any recurring ear infections. 

Bella  loves the taste of her food, her stool is smaller and does not smell nearly as bad
and she only sheds a tiny amount of her hair.  She also has a lot more energy and

recovers very quickly from her exercise.

Potcake dog with tongue sticking out.


Potcake from the Bahamas

42 lbs

(Turkey Day and Pure Blend Duck)

He was rescued from a construction site with a nail in his paw.  He was taken in and nurtured for 2 weeks before being brought to Canada and given up to me for adoption.  He is approximately 3yrs old and his overall health and energy has improved dramatically over the last year.  His coat is shiny, and he barely sheds hair.


He is very playful with all other dogs. He is a bit timid with humans upon first meeting.  Palmer has been on Karnevore Mountain since I got him 1 year ago.

Labradoodle with paws on table.

3 yrs old

Daisy was on a kibble diet and weighed 32lbs, she has trimmed down to a healthy 26 lbs. since beginning the Karnevore diet. Daisy is definitely fussy with her food, but she loves the Lamb-tastic formula. Previously, Daisy wouldn’t eat her food unless it was lightly cooked, we now know if it’s topped with a bit of Karnevor’s green lamb tripe we can skip the cooking process.  Before starting Karnevore Mountain raw food, Daisy also suffered with many ear infections and inconsistent stools. The saying is definitely true “spend money on good quality food or spend it on vet bills” we choose good quality food.  A big thanks from our family to Karnevore Mountain.

Mixed breed with two different coloured eyes.

50% Finnish Lapphund / 25% Husky / 15% Malamute / 10% Shepherd
10 yrs old
(The Big Beef/Lamb-tastic)

Ava was found in a shelter in Belleville 8 years ago, where she was brought after being rescued from Northern Quebec. Her exact age was never known but at the time, she was estimated to be between 1-4 years old. Before starting on Karnivore Mountain, Ava was 3-4 lbs underweight and was eating inconsistently. Given her age, we decided not to give her diet a complete overhaul, rather we started lightly cooking the Karnevore Mountain food and mixing it in with a reduced amount of her existing natural kibble. In the 6 months that Ava has been on this new diet, her weight has stabilized at the proper number for her size (45 lbs) and she has developed and maintained (on her own!) a consistent eating regimen because she's excited to eat her food again, every single time. 

Karnevore Mountain is a division of Di Liso's Farms.

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