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Slowly roasted vegetables are known to improve immune response and digestion.

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Freshness is very important for Karnevore Mountain. It must be consumed within 2 days of thawing and within 3 months of purchase if kept frozen.

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Karnevore Mountain is a solid foundation but may vary based on your dog's unique dietary needs. 

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The non-protein foundation of all Karnevore Mountain is 95% similar, which means it is not jarring on your dog's digestion to change flavours frequently. 

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Exposing your dog at an early age to a range of natural Karnevore Mountain meals will in fact help your pet's immune system by consuming the diverse fats, carbs and protein.

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Raw meals offer the best absorption of nutrients for your pet. If you have an alternative preference to cook based on your pets preference, that is totally fine! Many of our customers enjoy both lightly cooked or raw.

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If you feel your dog needs something different or have veterinary recommendations, please adapt at your own discretion. It is recommended to consult your veterinarian regarding all dietary considerations prior to transitioning to a raw diet. 

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To get started, we recommend choosing a poultry-based raw meal for the first 5 days. Afterwards, explore other meals for at least three days. This process allows your dog to adjust and build a tolerance to a variety of proteins.
Next, Choose one of the two transition methods we recommend to switching your dog's diet.

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Most puppies and healthy adult dogs can switch to a raw diet using the "Rapid -Fasting" method, which introduces an empty stomach first thing in the morning.
To do a Rapid-Fasting Switch, you do not feed their evening meal (fasting 8 to 12 hours), then introduce their new raw food in the morning.


  1. Skip your pet's evening meal.

  2. After fasting for 8 - 12 hours, introduce Karnevore Mountain for breakfast. Start with a poultry-based formula for three to four days.

  3. After three to four days, introduce Karnevore Mountain with pork and beef for three days.

  4. From here, continue to provide a variety of proteins on rotation daily or weekly

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If you serve a cold meal early in the transitioning stage, it may cause some dogs to vomit. To give your dog the best raw experience, bring the meal to room temperature by allowing the food to sit out for up to 30 minutes.

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Add a little warm water, which also enhances the raw food smell and flavour. After four days, you should be able to feed straight from the refrigerator without any issue.

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This method has your dog gradually change their diet over seven days.

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Each dog is unique and may require less or more time to make the full transition, depending on their breed, age, weight, sensitivity and activity levels. It is best to be present with your dog to assess their progress.

Start the process by separating each meal into two parts: 75% original diet, 25% raw, for two days. 
Follow this recommended schedule: 

Day 1 - 2:  25% Raw, 75% Original Diet

Day 3 - 4:  50% Raw, 50% Original Diet

Day 5 - 6:  75% Raw, 25% Original Diet

Day 7 + :   100% Raw

The amount of dry food can gradually be reduced while you increase the amount of raw food until your dog's diet consists of 100% raw food.

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Be sure to keep each feeding separate as both products are consumed and processed at different rates and should never be mixed.

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If you notice loose stools early in the process, cut back on the amount of raw food being fed and increase it at a slower rate. The result should be small and firm stool consistency, which results from better nutrient absorption. 

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Once you see a nice firm poop, you can completely transition 100% to raw food. 

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There are several factors that could impact your pet's feeding needs.  Age, energy levels, size, breed will all be different.  The following is a general guide to help you start your feeding program.

Please adjust accordingly based on your adult dog or puppy’s behaviour (ie. begging for table scraps as a new negative behaviour, excessive drooling, weight gain/loss). Puppies will require weekly and sometimes daily dietary change. 

Puppies (up to 6 months):   0.5 lb/meal twice daily

Adult dogs (30 - 50 lbs 7 months or older):   1.5 lbs/meal once daily

Adult dogs (60 – 80 lbs):  2 lbs/meal once daily

Adult dogs (80 – 100 lbs):  2.5 lbs/meal once daily


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Depending on your breed and animal size, there are many recommendations and opinions from a wide variety of experts.

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When considering the best suited diet for your dog, it is important to determine the size, activity level, breed predisposition for allergies, owner lifestyle (ie. kibble is more convenient than a raw diet).

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Even after deciding on your dogs diet, it is important to be in tune with your dog regarding their digestive changes, allergic reactions (ie. skin or eye symptoms). If there are any changes to your dog, always consult your veterinarian for advice. 

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Dogs have very sensitive digestive systems and issues can arise for many reasons, especially when changing the diet of your animal. This can also be from other environmental factors, so it is always important to consult your veterinary professional if you are having any concerns. 

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Should you have further questions regarding Karnevore Mountain, we're happy to help!

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