Comfort Food Pack

Comfort Food Pack




Settle in as the weather gets colder with some classic favourites that will keep you warm and happy. Includes:


1 Meatloaf (Choice of Rosemary Veal, Mint Lamb, Lemon Chicken, or Thyme Turkey)

2 Personal Size Pot Pies (Choice of 8 flavours)

1 Stuffed Pork Loin Roast (3 LBS, contains sage bread stuffing. Choose between Rosemary & Garlic OR Apple, Cranberry, & Goat Cheese)

1 Pack of 4 Store Made Sausages (choice of 9 different flavours)

1 Pack of 6 Veal Meatballs 

2 LBS Beef Chili (Store made, fully cooked)

1 LB Johnny Briskets Pulled Pork (fully cooked)