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Swordfish Steaks

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Swordfish Steaks
Swordfish Steaks

Swordfish Steaks


1 ea


$10 EA. (6-8oz portions, sealed individually)


Please note that all seafood items are for home delivery only. If you wish to pick up seafood at St. Lawrence Market, please visit one of the seafood vendors.


Swordfish Loin Frozen - Wild 6-8 oz


Fish Facts: Harpoon caught , these large predatory fish are also referred to as Broadbills. Contrary to popular belief, the fish’s beak is used primarily to wound and cut its prey while relying mainly on speed and agility to hunt.


Taste/Cooking: Sword fish is best known for its texture, dense, moist, and thick meat. Its mild flavour and moderate fattiness make this an ideal choice for those trying fish for the first time. The white flesh is milder in flavor whereas the redder meat tends to be a tad stronger. Preferred cooking methods include grilling, BBQing, and baking.


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