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My name is Johnny Di Benedetto, owner and operator of Di Liso’s Fine Meats since 2003. I have two beautiful children whose health and well-being are my top concern.  In my business, I follow the same health conscious rules with my customers as I do with my own family.


I've worked with some of Toronto’s finest chefs and Ontario’s most honest and reputable family-run farms. In my many years of butchering, I have found that by ensuring each piece of meat has been handled with the strictest attention, from farm to fork, we can achieve the highest standards.  This has created long lasting personal relationships with many of our satisfied customers.  I keep current with farming processes in order to deliver the best products to my customers.


Please contact us with any questions, as our staff is both friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to help!

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Francesco Di Liso was born in 1947 in Moduginio, Italy where farming was a necessity. With eleven brothers and sisters, there was very little food to go around. Frank lost his father to cancer when he was very young, leaving his mother to raise the family on her own. Frank understood his mother's struggle, so at the age of seventeen he made the difficult decision to leave home knowing that one less mouth to feed would help his mother immensely.


Arriving in Canada in 1964 he began his career at the meat cutting company F.G Bradley and Co. Under the watchful eye of Mr. Bradley, he quickly accelerated through the ranks to become a plant supervisor.  The plant employed some of the best cattle pickers, butchers, portion cutters, and salumerie from around the world.  Frank embraced the teachings of these master butchers giving him the confidence to create his own unique and highly respected style of meat cutting.  His expertise is the reason for the success of Di Liso’s Fine Meats in the Greater Toronto Area.


Frank is still an active part of the business, teaching only the most privileged  his art from the ground up.  In 2003, Di Liso’s Fine Meats has been passed on to John Di Benedetto who has been involved in the business from the age of 10.  John studied extensively under Frank for more than 15 years before becoming a master butcher himself.

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Located in the historic St. Lawrence Market in downtown Toronto, Di Liso's Fine Meats has served its customers for nearly 40 years.

Come on by and get a taste of what the National Geographic ranks as one of the Top 10 Food Markets in the World!



Di Liso’s Fine Meats choice breed of beef are the Limousin, Charolais, and Blonde D’Aquitaine.  We always use locally-raised cattle sourced from several local family-run farms which John visits weekly to ensure all his requirements are adhered to.  Our beef is aged a minimum of 28 days. We follow the old fashioned farming and butchering methods and all beef is processed on the premises on a daily basis.


Di Liso's Fine Meats offers Italian-engineered, Ontario-raised Provimi veal. This is a milk fed product that is protein packed, a great source of vitamin B and full of all minerals necessary for a healthy lifestyle.  Perfect for those with more sensitive stomaches as this meat is easily digestible. It is extremely tender.


A special treat indeed!


Di Liso’s Fine Meats choice breed is a Ross chicken. Our Mennonite farmed, naturally-raised chickens are always free-running and free-feeding. This promotes healthy and lean poultry.  Our strict feeding program of grains, barley, wheat shorts and distillers grain enhances the flavour tremendously.  Once our chickens are processed at Ontario’s first and only AA poultry plant, they are hung to dry overnight (air chilled) to avoid any unnecessary use of cleaning chemicals or water retention.


Di Liso's Fine Meats choice breed is a Nicholas Hen. All of our Turkeys are naturally raised on high-quality, grain-based diet, free running on organic certified, family-run farms that have been raising birds for over 50 years.


Di Liso’s fine meats choice breed of lamb are the Textel, Dorset or Suffolk... preferably purebred. Always raised locally in Ontario on several small family farms which John visits regularly.  Lambs are always naturally-raised animals and are never given antibiotics or hormones. All Lambs are milk fed for perfect and consistent marbling and are very light and mild in flavour.


Di Liso’s Fine Meats choice breed of pork is a young pure bred Yorkshire hog. Locally raised, perfectly marbled and well trimmed with tons of flavour.  In the past several years, pork in general has become a much healthier and leaner alternative to other meats, as better quality feeds and farming practices have helped improve our little pink friend's filthy reputation.   .


Di Liso's Fine Meats only produces Artisan authentic Old Italian style sausages.  They are hand crafted on the premises weekly. We use natural meats and casings, no MSG, no nitrates of any sort, no artificial flavours and no wheat fillers. We custom-make exclusive blends of sausages for our restaurant partners and customers with larger orders.


John also has quite a portfolio in the dry cured industry, trained by a True German/Italian Salumiere.   We currently do not sell dry cured meats, but have extensive knowledge on them.  We are always happy to answer questions regarding nitrate-free dry cured meats.


Di Liso's Fine Meats is able to source a wide variety of game meats, most of which are available with 24 hours notice, with some seasonal products as well. Please call for pricing and availability. 


  • Rabbits

  • Whole Duck

  • Quail

  • Guinea Fowl

  • Rock Cornish Hen

  • Pheasant

  • Fresh Goose

  • Wild Boar

  • Venison

  • Bison

  • Caribou

  • Elk

  • Alligator

  • Kangaroo

  • Ostrich